Antler Historical Society, Inc.

Established 2020

Spearheaded by Sharon Tennyson and
formally organized in December 2020 with the goal
of preserving the Antler Town Square building and
turning it into a museum to preserve Antler area history
and the World's Largest Quilt.

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Donations received through December 31, 2021
will have all donors recognized as Founders.

*Donors can choose to recognize or memorialize another person.

At the end of 2021 all donations from each donor
will be tallied with recognition as follows:

$1-$999 "Pathfinder"
A group plaque honoring all Pathfinders

$1,000-$2,499 "Explorer"
A group plaque honoring all Explorers

$2,500-$4,999 "Pioneer"
A group plaque honoring all Pioneers

$5,000+ "Homesteader"
Individual plaque honoring each Homesteader

*All donors will also be recognized on the website
and on Facebook.

Donations can be mailed to:
Antler Historical Society
10839 Highway 256
Antler, ND 58711

Or via PayPal:


Donations Received in 2022

General Donations
Doug Anderson
Shane Feland
Don Floyd

Donations Received in 2021 from our "Founders"

General Donations
R. Smith "Bob" Kiliper
Karen Hanson
Levi Feland
Carol Peterson Ritter
Dean Feland
Greg Feland
Wade Feland
Cheryl Flores
Mary Sanchez
Dennis Engstrom
Wendy Carnduff
Doug Arneson
Crysta Wille
Mohall Fire Dept - Gaming
Carol Melius
Brad Harter - Pleasant Hill Productions
Kevin Hawkins
Randy Anderson - Crosscountry Kennels
Carl Zeltinger
Alice Kruckenberg
Cassia & James Dahl
Jayden Tohm
Dede Young
Wes Anderson
Dean Jorgensen
Cathy Kiliper
Pat Artz
Elizabeth Cutter
Betty Foster
Becky Jorgensen
Clyde & Carol Byerly
Kenny Tofteland
State Bank of Bottineau
Adam Cotton
Alan Eide
Parker Gates
Beth Jorgensen
Millie Temple
Bill Myers
Dallas Rowe
Kipton Erickson
Andy Undlin
Mary & Dennis Peterson
Cody Holt
Michael Lamping
Gary Ledoux
Tracy Boyd
Myron Lodoen
Kelli Engg
Steffen Lutz

In Honor Of

In Honor of Duane & LaDonna Feland
Terri & Scott Moum


In Memory of Edward E. Ashley
Lora Ashley & Family

In Memory of Gary Ledoux
Steve & Chris Lauer

In Memory of Robert Walker & Rae (Babe) Howery-Walker
Sara Morris

In Memory of Rick Jorgensen & Bessie Jorgensen
Penny Caldwell

Click here for more information about the Antler Town Square:

Click here for more information about the World's Largest Quilt:

Board of Directors:
Roger Artz: President
Joe Donnelly: Vice President
Mark Jorgensen: Secretary/Treasurer
Sharon Tennyson
Karen Larson
Mae Streich

The Antler Historical Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
(your donations are tax deductible)

The Old Antler Square


Square buildings

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Antler Town Square1024_2

Antler Town Square1024_3

Antler Town Square1024_4

Antler Town Square1024_5

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Antler Town Square1024_7

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